STAR Construction Equipment (UK)

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Specialising in the supply of quality construction tools and equipment. 

  • over “35 years” combined experience of working in the Asian economy
  • established on the principle of “Low Margins” on volume sales

You could decide to;

  • consider dealing directly with manufacturers, attend trade shows and searching the web, where communications and interpretation of needs carry a potentially “high-risk” result
  • establish your own sourcing facilities in Asia requiring capital “investment” and high “infrastructure “costs”
  • incur a significant “time” delay before becoming effective and efficient

We are;

  • an alternative and can add real “profit” to your business
  • “low-risk” solution for those looking to reduce their “costs”
  • “integrity” minded as the cornerstone of our relationships
  • the “interface” between you and the manufacturer
  • your “assurance” that contracts, financial transactions and translations are in compliance with local/international regulations

We will;

  • supply volume at “Low Margins”……give us a try.