18" Prybar

18" Prybar Hook&ClawHardened steel unit with hook end and claw or straight end with chisel.
35mm x 6mm flat.
18" Prybar Straight&Chisel
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5ft Insulated Crowbar SALE!

5ft Crowbar

Hardened forged chisel and forged angled chisel riveted to either end of the 32mm solid fibreglass shaft. 


Length: 1550mm (61”)
Fibreglass shaft diameter: 32mm (1.25”)
Chisel blade width: 50mm
Weight: 4.6kg (10.12lb)


  • Chisel polished blade end for prying and breaking bulky objects
  • Pointed end for breaking concrete and stone
  • Fibreglass shaft has excellent insulating properties
  • Hardened forged steel ends for maximum strength, quality and durability
  • Strong yet lightweight, ideal for easy penetration, lifting, digging, prying, breaking and wrecking
Supplied in packs of 4 units from £11.50/unit (excluding delivery and VAT).  
Delivery within 2/3 days.